The Dubai Plan 2021 aims to reinforce Dubai’s position as a global centre and destination with an emphasis on creating a sustainable city that uses resources efficiently. These are goals that we support and where our actions can make a positive contribution.

Themes Report links
The People: “City of Happy, Creative and Empowered People” Talent attraction, development, and retention
Innovation and creativity
The Society: “An Inclusive & Cohesive Society” Diversity and inclusion
The Experience: “The Preferred Place to Live, Work & Visit” Customer centricity and experience
Employee experience and wellbeing
Talent attraction, development, and retention
The Place: “A Smart & Sustainable City” Energy management and GHG emissions
Waste management
Water management
The Economy: “A Pivotal Hub in the Global Economy” Customer centricity and experience
Innovation and creativity
The Government: “A Pioneering and Excellent Government” Corporate Governance and Business Practices